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Well maintained and up-to-date equipment is essential to a safe and functioning home. At Bates Electric, we have the professional experience necessary to keep your home’s power and electric needs working smoothly. It doesn’t matter if it’s that new appliance you needed installed yesterday or that light’s that is always flickering, Bates Electric has you covered!

Outstanding and Affordable

We not only offer outstanding and affordable service, but we do so on a 24-hour basis. This gives our customer’s the peace-of-mind of having an on-call industry professional to fulfill their needs at all times. With our 24-hour service, you will never have to risk your home or business’s safety or profitability again!

No Hidden Fees

Bates Electric places value on affordability, and we offer free quotes on our installation or repair services to all of the surrounding areas. Our free quotes allow us to maintain a trustworthy relationship with all our clients, as they are never turned-off by surprise charges and hidden fees.

Number One Option for Dayton Ohio

Bates Electric’s professionalism, efficiency, and affordability make us the number one option for Dayton electrical contractor services. If you have something that concerns you in your home or at your business, contact us today for a free quote.

I shopped around for rates and these guys gave me the best rate. Im a new homeowner that needed a plug for a my oven installed. Upon inspection Baron realized I my old box wasn’t to code. Him and his team installed this new one , labeled it , and rewired the cables to make it look neat & clean. This was my first time working with an issue like this. They made it easy to and were professional. Highly recommend for the Dayton area! Thank you Baron & Matthew!

– Garyn Kidd

These guys are great! They installed a new outlet in my garage and fixed a bad circuit switch in my breaker box. The price was really reasonable and good quality work! I will definitely be calling and recommending them for all our electrical needs. Thank you!

– Torrie Zenna

Needed an electrician and we were fit into the schedule within a few days. Matthew was amazing and did a great job! The service was fast and the price was definitely fair. Can’t recommend this company enough! Will be using them again soon!

– Sabrina Barrena

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